My Rating: ★★★★★

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Narrated by: Tavia Gilbert

Published by: Blackstone Audio

Length: 9.3 hrs. (Unabridged)


My Review: One Grave at a Time picks up right where it’s predecessor This Side of the Grave left us. Cat confronts the ghostly man she spotted during the last battle and confirms her suspicions. Although she’s happy Uncle Don is back in her life, he’s not. After Cat and Bones work for weeks to help him cross over, they’re left empty handed; except for a ghostly and angry Uncle Don.

The action picks up quickly when Cat is summoned back to her former place of employment by Tate. He doesn’t toss many hints her way, but he does tell her not to come alone. She knew someone was listening, and she knew whatever they wanted her for couldn’t be good news.

After some drama, Cat and Bones return to their home to find Fabian breaking one of the few house rules. He has a woman in the living room. A pretty dang hot one… but she’s a ghost. Bones begins to scold Fabian but he insists he had to break the rules. This woman, Elizabeth, was burned at the stake centuries ago.

Enter the villian: Heinrich Kramer. Kramer prided himself on hunting witches and burning them at the stake. He liked to see them suffer, to watch as others believed his outrageous ramblings and follow in his footsteps in punishing innocent women.

Every Halloween, Kramer returns to burn more women at the stake with the help of an accomplice. And every year Elizabeth has tried her best to find him and stop him to no avail. She’s been at it for centuries and now she’s asking Bones and Cat for their help. But how do you kill a ghost?

This was an outstanding audiobook! I can’t wait to see what Book 7 has to offer. One Grave at a Time kept me begging for more and Frost never disappoints. You can’t ask for much more! Humor, action, drama and steaming, flying sex scenes! Whew… it’s a lot to handle and it’s SO great.

Narrator Review: Tavia Gilbert was amazing, once again! I really think she’s improved Bones’ voice and he’s not near as whiny. Then again, I’m a sucker for an English accent! Gilbert puts so much raw emotion and talent into her characters. She manages to bounce from character to character seamlessly. Another beautiful job by Gilbert!

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