Devil Said Bang by Richard Kadrey Audiobook My Rating: ★★★★½

Author: Richard Kadrey

Narrator: MacLeod Andrews

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Length: 12 hrs 14 mins

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My Review:

The Sandman Slim books have rapidly become one of my favorite urban fantasy series of all time. With each subsequent release in this series I find myself telling my friends over and over that “You HAVE to read this book!” Each book has been packed with memorable characters, dark humor and more action than you could shake a Na’at at.

I originally found this series as I was coming off a long run of 5 or 6 Dresden Files books. I was completely caught up with all of Harry’s adventures and I was craving more urban fantasy. Luckily I stumbled upon Sandman Slim (the first book in the series) and became acquainted with James Stark and his band of misfits.

Stark is a badass. He earned his nickname, Sandman Slim, fighting in the arenas of Hell for the entertainment of hellions. After his escape and being puked back into LA he had understandably become a little jaded. His priority upon his return was simply revenge. To destroy the magicians who sent him to hell. After the first few books, it seems like his priorities have shifted  a little.

The only caveat with this book is that you really shouldn’t try to read this series out of order. You really need to start with Sandman Slim and follow this series in order so that you can enjoy this book to it’s fullest extent.

Audio Production: MacLeod Andrews is Sandman Slim. He is Sandman Slim in the same way that James Marsters is Harry Dresden. Audiobook publishers please never use a different narrator for this series because it will seriously piss me off.

MacLeod completely blew me away with his variety of distinct voices. With so many unique characters it has to be a serious challenge to keep them all straight throughout the novel. What I love is that all the voices have remained the same throughout the entire series. Great job MacLeod and Brilliance Audio!