My Rating: ★★★★★

Author: Willie and Korie Robertson (with Mark Schlabach)

Narrator: Willie and Korie Robertson

Length: 5 hrs., 46 mins.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio


My ReviewThe Duck Commander Family is a feel good listen! Southern couple Willie and Korie Robertson open their homes and hearts to share their family’s story. If you didn’t recognize the bearded clan on the cover image above, you better tune into A&E’s Duck Dynasty! John and I both enjoy this show and crack up at the antics the brothers pull… and of course, there’s Uncle Si being himself and making everyone laugh.

Things weren’t always peachy for the Robertson family. Willie’s parents Phil and Kay may have had a rocky few years but through love and faith they survived with their four boys. Alan, Jase, Willie and Jep grew up with next to nothing but they’ve grown themselves, their family and their duck calls into a multi-million dollar business.

This audiobook is full of funny stories from both Willie and Korie’s families, their childhood, courtship, marriage, kids and how they keep up with life. You might hear Fried Bologna, Road Kill and Back Straps since all of the chapters start with the name of a recipe. Those chapters also each end with the detailed recipe so you can cook just like the Robertsons. Another great part of this book are the bible verses that begin each chapter. Not only are they great verses you’ve probably heard before, they all mean something personally to Willie and Korie.

I loved listening to The Duck Commander Family! It’s a short listen, so I’m sure you’ll finish it in no time. I did struggle trying to keep all the brothers, wives and family members straight so I googled and found this handy family tree that A&E has on their site. It’s awesome to keep track of who is who and match the faces you’ve seen on Duck Dynasty to the stories Willie tells.

This hard working and fun family believes in the importance of the dinner table and to be thankful and content with everything you’re given in life. Even though Willie and Jase are more than a little competitive and try to one-up each other constantly, there’s love and respect between the brothers.

Narrator Review: I’m so glad Willie and Korie narrated this audiobook themselves, it added so much fun to listening. Both have a thick southern accent and as I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for that! Willie and Korie did a great job narrating and my only complaint is that some times Willie annunciated too much. You’re a southern country boy and we love that about you, let those Willie-isms fly!

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