American Sniper Audiobook ReviewMy Rating: ★★★★½

Author: Chris Kyle, Scott McEwan and Jim DeFelice

Narrator: John Pruden

Publisher: Harper Audio

Length: 10 hrs 22 mins

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My Review:

My father in law recommended this book to me. It was making the rounds at his work being passed from one  satisfied reader to the next and everyone only had good things to say about it. So it really didn’t take much more than that to have me interested in listening to American Sniper.

Chris Kyle’s story doesn’t pull any punches. He unapologetically expresses his opinions on his former occupation, military strategy and Rules of Engagement. Even though some of his opinions may strike a nerve with some people I think most will find it hard not to understand where he is coming from.

This book is more than just a record of all of Mr. Kyle’s kills. We also learn about Chris’s experiences during training to become a Seal. Chris and his wife also share a lot of personal information regarding the stress that Chris’s occupation put on their marriage. At first I thought these sections of the book were basically just there to flesh out the book a little but eventually I found that they really helped put everything in perspective.

Audio Production: John Pruden’s narration was spot on. He pretty much nailed the standard southern drawl and it fit this reading perfectly.

Overall: I was actually pretty surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Chris Kyle’s story is very interesting and definitely worth your time.

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