My Rating: ★★★½☆

Author: Judy Jarvie

Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett

Length: 6 hrs., 18 min.

Publisher: Iambik Audio Inc.

My Review: The majority of my audiobook choices are lined with humor, mystery and a tiny sprinkling of romance. Nanny Behaving Badly by Judy Jarvie was my first jump into the deep end of the romance pool.

When Maddie Adams enters the cafe with blue hair and a more self confidence than most can handle, she doesn’t start off on the right foot. Her boss, Lyle Sutherland isn’t happy to see his new employee and he really doesn’t approve of the changes she’s made without his approval. He’s the boss, he should always be in the loop, not walking in after Maddie has had her way with the counter space. Lyle soon realizes that the counter space is the least of his worries with this new employee.

The Nanny Behaving Badly audiobook was recently released by Iambik Audio and proves to be a great romantic splurge. Maddie is spunky, smart and inventive. Lyle is sexy, rich and driven. The magnetism between the two is palpable and rises immediately after their first encounter.

Author Judy Jarvie has created great characters and an intriguing, yet sometimes predictable story line. I loved the relationship between Lyle and Maddie and how much you wanted her to want him, to need him in more ways than one.

As for my first dive into romance? Lovely!

Narrator Review: Narrator Lee Ann Howlett did a great job of reading Nanny Behaving Badly, however that’s all it was to me, reading. I didn’t feel that she differentiated between characters, accents and such. The only character who had a distinct voice was Josh, the child in the audiobook. Other than that, I enjoyed Howlett’s work.

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Disclosure: I was provided a review copy of this audiobook from the publisher.