My Rating: ★★★★½

Author: Mary Anderson

Narrator: Xe Sands

Length: 4 hrs., 37 min.

Publisher: Iambik Audio




My Review: What an amazing audiobook! Step on a Crack by Mary Anderson was originally published in 1978 by Atheneum Books and is making a comeback after the recent audio production by Iambik Audio.

This novel opens the flood gates into the mind of a teenage girl with a dark past. Sarah lives a wonderful life with her parents and only has two secrets. She has horrible nightmares about murdering her mother and after the nightmares, she steals. Nothing important, nothing fancy. The items Sarah “has” to steal to make the nightmares go away for awhile. It might be a scarf, a box of colored pencils or something similar. She always has the money to purchase the things but she has to steal them. Stealing seems to push the nightmares further away.

Sarah’s hid the nightmares from everyone for as long as she can remember and now that she’s a teenager, they feel more real. She’s tried to research them through psychology books and hasn’t had any luck. Plus, hiding this problem is getting harder and harder.

Sarah’s friend Josie offers to help find some answers after she comes across a psychology book in her locker and sees her steal a scarf. Can Sarah trust Josie? Or will she thinks she’s crazy? The life of a teenage girl can be so confusing, and this only compounds it all.

This was a great listen! I really enjoyed the twists and turns the novel took and the way Anderson closed it. Things were so intense with thirty minutes left to listen, I thought I’d jump off the edge of my seat. Don’t let the young adult tag steer you away from this one, it was great!

Narrator Review: This is my second listen for narrator Xe Sands. What an outstanding job! I loved the narration of Sarah and Josie. Even though they’re both teenage girls, she gave them both such different voices. Sarah sounded so much more mature while Josie had  a sweet, innocent tone. Sands’ narration brought this novel to life!

Disclosure: I received a copy of this audiobook from the publisher.

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