My Rating: ★★★★☆

Author: Tina Fey

Narrated by: Tina Fey

Published by: Hachette Audio


My review: I’m not a hardcore Saturday Night Live fan, but I have caught a few episodes over the years. I loved Baby Mama and Date Night. Anytime Tina Fey has appeared, she’s made me laugh. She’s honestly funny and doesn’t prance around with fake boobs, hair or facial features. Hey, she kind of looks like you and me.

Fey’s audiobook tells the tale of her life and dishes on behind the scenes stories, inside jokes and blunders. I feel like I know her now and that I learned so much about her and her personality. I had no idea Fey was married, or that she had a daughter. (On a side note, she just announced that her and her husband are expecting their second child.)

Fey also gives us full details about portraying Sarah Palin on SNL, how she didn’t care for the idea in the beginning, and then eventually meeting Palin. And the scoop on 30 Rock? She’s got all the deets. I’ve never seen 30 Rock and now I feel like I should. She makes it sound awesome.

Take a listen, Fey does an awesome job of narrating and only added to the story by doing impersonations of Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan. She definitely had me laughing out loud. Peeing in cups (not her of course!), replies to web postings and more.