audiobook reviews the cold kiss audiobook reviewMy Rating: ★★★★★

Author: John Rector

Narrated by: Paul Michael Garcia

Published by: Blackstone Audio


My review:

I absolutely loved this audiobook. From the beginning, author John Rector plots a suspenseful story about Nate and Sara who have fled Minnesota for a new life. Pregnant Sara is young and innocent while Nate has lived a rougher life, but together they vow to make it to Reno to wed and welcome their child.

The plot thickens when the couple agrees to take a man, Syl, along for the ride. Syl, a rough man, has an awful cough and after questioning the couple, drifts to sleep. Sara worries about his health and tries to convince Nate he needs a doctor. Nate is more worried about getting rid of the man as soon as possible and ignores Sara’s pleas.

After a brutal snow storm strands the threesome at a small motel, Sara discovers Syl is dead. That’s where things get interesting.

This story takes so many twists and turns and Rector’s debut rocked my socks. I finished this audiobook in record time! I couldn’t wait to turn it back on and follow the story more. The Cold Kiss is packed full of suspense and I would definitely recommend it to our readers.

Rector’s characters are painted so vividly through his descriptions and set up the perfect scene. I can’t wait to see what he dishes out next.

Narrator review: Paul Michael Garcia is wonderful. His voice and tones for various characters made the audiobook even more wonderful. Garcia speaks clearly and proves himself by swinging back and forth between characters easily. Such a great choice in a narrator for this book.

Disclosure: I received this as a review copy from the publisher.